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Music Page

This is a quick beta version of the Thalion Webshrine Music page, just to get it up and running, there is little or no artistic merit at the moment, but be patient there will be :^)

These next few pages are dedicated to the Key Thalion Musician Jochen Hippel alias Mad Max. Over the years he did the music to loads of games and demos. Almost any "ST Scene" release had a Mad Max tune somewhere!

All the details on Jochen can be found in
The Thalion Files a new section opening soon with backgrounds on ALL the Thalion staff.

This section is the Downloads section, it contains most (ALL?) of Mad's work, plus some conversions to PC.

Mad Max had to do at least two versions of his music for all his games (Sometimes four!) for each of the format it was released on. There was the classic ST music in SNDH format, and AMIGA in HIP format (Both of which were very similar to TFMX if I remember).

To play these tunes on a PC is quite difficult as ,unlike mod's, they were very system specific and require the emulation of the sound chip, and CPU.
A few years ago, an ex-ST coder turned PC coder, Arnaud Carre (aka Leonard of Oxygene) thought it should be possible to latch the data being sent to the standard STsound chip (Yamaha YM2149) and then you would only have to emulate the sound chip and not the driver or CPU. So the YM format was born. He then went on to write an emulator of the ST chip called STSOUND He also hosts all Atari ST music on his website.

To start with I am adding a link to the CD that Jochen Hippel recorded at his time at Thalion. He was the first of the Games music musicians to do this (Now almost everyone does it!) followed soon by the likes of Chris Huelsbeck.

Give it a Try

Some one was impatient and wanted the Amiga Amberstar/Ambermoon Music online so

amberstarzak.zip ambermoonzak.zip

You will need an Amiga (or emulated Amiga) and a player such as Delitracker, Eagletracker or Hippoplayer.

For you ST users out there, you might like this copy of the Thalion Sound Demo, originally done on a dual format disk which could be used on both Amiga and ST. The ST Crack is a .PRG file, and the Amiga version is a WHDload HardDrive installer


The disk had amazing copy protection routines on it, and could only be duplicated on an Amiga with the hardware copier Cyclone. The first person to crack the disk (on the ST) earned the name "Lord Hackbear"!

 TSD-C= Amiga

Take a look at this test page... Atari ST Amberstar Jukebox

NOTE: x86 Windows Users only, STSOUND plugin required, page uses FRAMES and JAVASCRIPT.