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This site is maintained by webmaster Alexander Holland (That's Me!). I was in no way part of the Thalion Team (although I am about the same age as most of them!) but years later (1997) I found myself working at the same company as one of them (
Spaz of The Lost Boys) hearing all the stories and learning about some games I never had I decided to do some research. In doing so I discovered lots of friendly people I wish I had known back then (1985 - 1994)

As the Web explosion happened a few years after the demise of Thalion Software, they never had a website, and although the company is dead. (For the time being) I am hoping to create a website that rivals those of the current active games companies.

However I intend to keep the use of features such as Frames, Java script, applets, Flash etc. to a minimum to allow the Amiga and ST/Falcon Browsers to view the pages as I created them. Also I will attempt to make the site browse-able by text only browsers such as Lynx.

My main email address is


Although I am not including anyone's email on this site other than my own, I do have the email address' of many Ex-Thalion people, if you need to contact them for any reason, mail me and I will pass on your details.

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