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Ambermoon English & German & French updated to v1.19


Ambermoon English & German updated to v1.13 and v1.12 respectively


We're still here. There will be some updates soon. And some Ambermoon updates.


Added IPF and WHDLimages of Dragonflight French version


We're still here with one or two changes going on in the background


Added PaSTi image of Trex Warrior (Thanks to Thorsten Guenther)


Added PaSTi image of Ghost Battle (Thanks to Thorsten Guenther)
Added PaSTi image of Warp (Again Thorsten Guenther)
Added Crack of Warp for Amiga
Added WHDload Warp


Added Extended ADF of Wings of Death (Thanks to dlfrsilver)
Added PaSTi image of WoD
Added DBug AtariST/Falcon HD of WoD
Added PaSTi image of Enchanted Land
Added PaSTi & IPF images of Dragonflight
Added PaSTi image of Atomix
Added PaSTi image of NSP
Added PaSTi of Magic Lines
Added PaSTi of A Prehistoric Tale
Added PaSTi of Chambers of Shaolin
Added PaSTi of Seven Gates of Jambala


Added Extended ADF of Ghost Battle. Thanks to dlfrsilver and Psygore.

Fixed several links and images in Ambermoon Press pages.

Updated Ghost Battle Press page extensively. Thanks to AMR for the use of the images as well as Kultpower and Thalion Source.


Fixed links to MP3's of Jochen's first album Give it a Try in the Music section


I am still here. Feel free to email me information and Iíll try and add it to the site this time in a short space of time ;-)

In the meantime itís become obvious there are still dead links from when we moved sites in 2007. Iíll try and fix some this weekend email me if you find some.

a 1 e x h @ h o t m a i l . c o m

Shouts go to the former Thalion members and BuZz of Exotica.


After a long break from updates I return from the Thalion reunion in Guetersloh Germany with renewed enthusiasm. I wish to thank Richard Karsmakers and the other Thalion members for allowing me to attend. Over the next few weeks I will be fixing lots of reported problems that have arisen due to the death of Amiga.tm (our reflector) and improving content. The biggest change will be in the music section and the corporate sections but I also hope to bring original disk images (via PASTI and IPF images) for a more complete emulation. I would like to say a special hello to Karsten Koeper who I met for the first time at the Thalion Reunion. He was the driving force behind Amberstar and Ambermoon which were my favourite Thalion titles.


Update Dragonflight for Atari ST to v1.1b including the patch for the French version. Cheers to Udo for keeping up the bug fixes.


Updated Dragonflight for the Atari ST to v1.1

Thanks to Udo Fischer for all his hard work.


Added the CAPS IPF of the Amiga version of Dragonflight. 100% exact dump of the original for use with WinUAE and other emulators

Fixed several link errors thanks to Daniel Nienhaus

Updated the Enchanted Land download page to be compatible with Interactive TV Widths.


    Updated the Dragonflight pages.

    Reformatted DF pages so that they display on interactive TV

    Added the preliminary Dragon flight PRESS page

    Added the new Atari ST Hard disk version by Udo Fischer GREAT WORK!

    Updated Jambala Press page

I still need as many magazine cover scans as you can get me, come on people join in. Take a look at the list of known href="thalion.txt">Magazine Articles and if you have a magazine on that page, or you have one NOT on that page which contains a Thalion review or preview PLEASE email me.

All the best to Erik, Udo, Richard, Jurie, Karsten, Jochen, Matthias, Dave, Michael, Marc, Mario, Heinz and all of the ex-Thalion people who've talked to me over the last 6 years.


Updated "The Seven Gates of Jambala" page. Reformatted to TV size, added the preliminary Press page. Added several Magazine cover scans and review scans.


Updated the Amberstar page, reformatted to TV size. Started work on the Press page.

Update the Ambermoon page, started work on a PRESS page, with scans of every review of this game from the worlds press.

If you can send me scans of Thalion games (and the magazine covers) please feel free. Or if you know about a review I do not (see list) please email me

Added a scan of the Box of Neuronics, reformatted the pages to TV width, fixed some spelling mistakes etc.

The BBS is now closed to new posts, but you can still read the old ones., but the Thalion Yahoo group remains open, and its successor. It's now been changed so you can read, and post without having to subscribe.

Thanks go to all the Ex-Thalion members, especially Erik Simon, David Moss, Marc Rosocha, Heinz Rudolf, Richard Karsmakers, Henk Nieborg, Jurie Horneman, Karsten Koeper, Matthias Steinwachs and Jochen Hippel for their help and support over the years.


Updated the Trex Warrior page, added scans of the August 1993 issue of "The One Amiga" where the game was released as a full cover disc.


Peter Olafson provided scans of the very rare game Magic Lines, I've added a scan of this game box to the website on the credits page. He's also provided a scan of the other rare game "Neuronics", however it doesn't seem to be a Thalion box?? (Anyone?) So I'll wait to release that scan officially.

Things to come soon : 

Lots of scans of magazine reviews, plus scans of their covers.

TMRDB : Thalion Magazine Review Database

Get a Sneak preview here : http://thalion.atari.org/thalion.txt

For some time there has been a little debate on which Thalion games were published when, so I am (with the help of the Ex-Thalion members) compiling a Chronological list of the Thalion games. If you are interested the debate is happening now on the Thalion mailing list.


Some kind soul, (Jan) has contributed ORIGINAL Atari ST disk images of Amberstar (German), so if you wanted to play Amberstar in German on an ST, or emulator you now can!!

NOTE: Last time I used the emulators STeeM and WinSTon they didn't work with the Amberstar Hard disk installer, and I have to use PaCifiST, but see what happens.


Fixed the PDF version of the GERMAN Dragonflight manual. Damn ASCII setting on FTP!

Updated Richard Karsmakers page, with a new uptodate photograph and his DOB, however I think you can guess his age from the photograph :P

More updates and the release of the Ambermoon patch files as soon as we have confirmed we havent broken anything.


Updated the Ambermoon spells page, now complete.

Updated the Amberstar Manual page (still only 25 pages :-( )

Added an ASCII version of the Amberstar Manual. Thanks go to The alliance, who scanned / OCR the manual back in 1992.

Added a PDF version of the GERMAN Dragonflight manual. 2Mbytes

Added a PDF version of the Lionheart Manual (thanks for both go to Chris S.)

Updated lots of pages to 640 width, then pages are displayed correctly on an Interactive Digital TV.

Fixed the German version of Amiga Amberstar (The game has two files that have illegal Windoze file names, and were not included when creating ADF's from LHA files)

More updates to come shortly


Removed the annoying first page, hopefully more people will remember / bookmark the REAL URLs rather than CUS.org.uk

Re-done the Games list page to 640 width to allow for Amiga Users who dont have GFX cards.

Re-done the Ambermoon pages to 640 width also. Plus added a scan of a preview of the Amiga English version (Thanks to the Reader who scanned it)

Re-done the Lionheart pages to 640 width, plus added an extensive review page with scans from most Amiga mags. If you have a scan from another magazine, or of another Thalion game then PLEASE send it in!

Please PLEASE PLEASE got to the Deliplayer http://www.deliplayer.com and register this EXCELLENT piece of software. (If you are a PC user!) It's only 20 USD which is nothing if you are working and the Authors have worked so hard on it.

If more people register... I'll release the UPDATED Music pages I've been working on, which have all the Thalion Music for ALL the games in sorted order with the actual names to the Tunes given by their Authors!

All the Thalion Tunes (Atari ST and Amiga) are playable using Deliplayer!

The STNICCC2k Show is coming up in a few weeks, I think I might be going to it and meeting all the Thalion members.... if there is anything you want me to ask them, get the emails in NOW!



Loads of bad links fixed, Updated the Dragonflight page - Loads more to come. Added scans of reviews for Chambers of Shaolin, almost finished the TowerFRA section (Still off line atm.)

We now have the Bulliten Board back... So follow the buttons at the top if you want to ask Questions, request hints tips etc.

Also I have created an Egroup, which is kinda like a mailing list, but if you want you can read it like a newsgroup.

If you want to Join visit


So what is still to come?? Well I have loads of more reviews from magazines, I'm currently translating all the reviews to English for non German/Swedish readers. I'm adding two missing games, A320 airbus, and TowerFRA as well as adding the "Unfinished Games" section with Demo's of X-Fighter for the Amiga (The last ever Thalion game), pictures from other unfinished titles including "Whatever happened to Lionheart2!"

Also the Music Section is getting the Overhaul it deserves. All the music from ALL the games, in Amiga and ST formats, with the Musicians correct names for all the tunes (not just Amber1, Amber2, Dragon5, etc. but Erik's_Revenge, I_AM_SAILING etc.)

So keep tuned. Also the Ambermoon Walkthrough is being converted to HTML, thanks to Michael Bonish for not publishing his textfile elsewhere even though it was finished MONTHS ago!!



Added review scans of :







No Second Prize


Added some scans of Datormagazin a Swedish computer magazine. They have done some excellent articles on Nic Thisell and Thalion in general.



Just a little graphical update, used the great Xara studio's tools to create some excellent looking (I think) buttons, and titles.

I've just heard about this cool little Winamp plugin that will allow PC owners to listen to a limited range of Thalion music. It's called the Old Skool plugin and is available here, and a local copy is here.

As most people know The Care Bears (TCB) have their own site. However it's not been updated in over two years. It's my guess they have moved on, or someone has forgotton the login number etc. Anyhow one of their sites closed. The company that was hosting it tells me their payment was due and they never replied to emails. So we are going to mirror the other site, just incase it too goes.



Several bad links fixed, the entire site has been transferred from a Windows Webserver (case insensitive) to a UNIX server, so we are having some hyperlink case problems, if you notice some graphics missing, or bad links PLEASE report it!

Mr. Larmer (an Amiga programmer) has created lots of WHD installers. These are programs that run on REAL Amiga's to convert Original Disk's to files that can be run from Hard Disk (including emulated Hard Disks). Lots of thanks to Cezlaw Maron for all his work.

Lots of updates to come,

    I've been sent 10's of magazine scans (in various languages). So I am adding them to the games pages, and when I get the time I want to translate a few into english. So if you are bilingual in English and German or Swedish and want to help out by translating a magazine article then Please get in touch

    An installer now exists for almost all Amiga Thalion games. As they tend to get bug fixed now and again, I want to add links so that REAL Amiga users can convert their ORIGINAL disk's.

    A lot of people out there DONT have their hardware anymore, so I will convert my collection to WHD files (I've already done a few) and then all you will need is a version of the main WHD program to use these games. I recommend that you register WHD (even if you are an emulator user!) as it's a great program (plus registering it gets rid of the nag screen and allows you to save high scores etc.)

    More home made reviews of games, Lethal Xcess, No Second Prize etc.

    The two missing games (Airbus, and Tower FRA) are to get their pages at last.

    The Music for all the games is to be added to a comprehensive music page. Formats Amiga-Hip/HIPC/HIP7, ST-Hip/HipC, YM, MP3

If you are familiar with the site you will know that we offer disk images of most of the Thalion games for the Commodore Amiga, Atari ST and Commodore 64. These files are to be converted back to REAL disks for use on the Original hardware, or for those who parted with their hardware years ago, used on Emulators.p>

Some people have asked me why we have "cracks" on the site?? Well the different disk image programs (MSA on the ST, DMS or ADF on the Amiga etc.) cannot create disk images of the ORIGINAL disks!! This is because of the unusual disk formats the copy protection used.

Ideally we should re-create the disks from the source WITHOUT the unusual formats. However we dont have all the source anymore (got lost, or corrupted over the years!)

As we all know at the time that the games were released other people REMOVED the copy protection from the games, and these disks were widely distributed. These files are the "cracks" that are available for download on this site. They are not ideal, as they sometimes are beta versions, have horrible cracktro's and de-crunch bars and many have had gfx and music removed to reduce their size.

What is really needed is someone to re-crack the games from the FINAL version original disks, keeping all music etc. But I doubt we will get round to it!



Welcome to the latest update to the Thalion Webshrine. I have been trying to add the feel of a REAL games company website. Taking a few ideas from other sites and suggestions and I hope you like it.

Some people have told me that they were unsure as to who ran the Thalion site and what the email of the SYSOP was. (I suppose it wasn't really obvious!)

Well, I have added a Contact Info page that should be obvious, my email is scattered throught the site, wherever I am asking for more information or help etc. But here it is again....


Several of the games have new mini-reviews with screen shots, just so you can get a feel of the game before you download it.

Lots of people said that they wanted to be able to download Ambermoon (English) disk by disk, incase they corrupted the ones they had and didn't want to download the entire 9Meg again (Well havn't you heard of using backups??) anyway it's done.

I've moved to my first Job in Plymouth UK and they have a fast net connection (But a FIREWALL) so xpect updates when I have figured out how to get access.

I dont know if you know, but the original server that the site was on http://cus.umist.ac.uk/~alexh is no more. Well actually it's still there but the server is now on the wrong side of a firewall! I have moved most of the files to Xoom, as I look for a new permanent home, but if you use the URLS

  http://Thalion.amiga.tm and http://Thalion.atari.org

 I will keep them updated with the current server address.

Unfortunately Xoom doesnt allow the use of CGI scripts so the Ambermoon BBs is no more :^< as soon as I can find a FREE server that allows the BBS CGI and PERL scripts, that allows FTP in from any IP then it will be resurected.

One of the sites regulars HAS done a Walkthrough for Ambermoon in English(played through with both English and German versions) at the moment it is a very large (128K) text file, I did want to make a VERY SPECIAL page in the form of a Riddle mouth, where you asked questions and got answers so you couldn't accidentaly read too much of the walkthrough and get a spoiler. However withought CGI scripts it doesnt work, so I will be adding a HTML-ised version soon! (Thanks very much to Michael Bohnisch for the work on the Walkthrough)

The Music Page is to get a REAL re-vamp later this year. Now I have My Amiga and PC both in the same room hooked up with Ethernet and soundcards, I will MP3 all of Jochen Hippel's Music for all those who have PC's and cannot figure out how to use EagleTracker under emulation. Also all the music will be available in both original Amiga files (HIP, HIPC, HIP7) ST files, YM (STSound) and MYST.

Work has also begun on the "Thalion Files" which will be the new "Hall of Shame" It will have the Biographies of ALL the core Thalion members in the form of an X-File.

If you have anything to contribute, (Disk images, scans of boxes and manuals etc) or just want a chat feel free to mail me!

One thing I REALLY NEED is some feedback on browsers and stuff. So far I have made the site standard HTML, so that it would work on any browser, but it's starting to look old. I think I should add some frames, some Java, and some database/scripts. Any advice on layout or stuff like that accepted, also any Graphical Java applette programmers who want to point out some cool resources that would be excellent.


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