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Last known photo

    Name : Karsten Köper  Alias : Unknown
DoB : 15/01/1967 AGE: 34

Marital Status : XXXXX

Current Occupation :
Project Manager Similis Software

Associated Organisation :

Taken in 1994

Known Associates: ?
Convictions :

Amberstar - Idea & Draft
Ambermoon - Idea & Draft
  Interview Notes:

Alex    :

 So you worked on Ambermoon?
Karsten :  I made Ambermoon I was the great mind behind it !!!! :)
   I joined Thalion with the idea for Amberstar. I started
 it  as a home project 1987!!!"
Alex    :  Do know what happened to Dieter Rottermund?
 Karsten :  I have his Original Oil Paintings of Amberstar and
 Ambermoon on my walls.
  Eye Witness account:

He started work at Thalion at around December 1989. He still worked there when I left, in April 1991. He lived in Dortmund, where his neighbour looked after the cat(s?). His place was practically on the way from Gütersloh to Utrecht, where I went just about every weekend, so I drove him regularly. "Amberstar" was his first project with Thalion,but he'd already done the first German RPG called MYTHOS which came out on the C=64 and the Atari 8bits. Karsten had already done a lot of work towards Amberstar before he started at Thalion He designed the game and made huge GfA Basic programs that allowed for the maps to be edited and the characters in the game to be developed and maintained. Jurie Horneman, who joined the Thalion forces in January 1991 after having sort of applied for the job at the STNICCC, did the coding. So "Amberstar" had already been in development for a year and a half before a byte had been coded. After that, of course, followed "Ambermoon".

A little bit about Karsten by Richard Karsmakers.