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The English version (v1.07) of Ambermoon was never actually released. It did undergo some basic beta testing but no-where near as much as the german version.

There are SEVERAL bugs in the game. Most are cosmetic (Map labels still in German etc.) However there are at least 3 game crashing BUGS.

  • Luminors Tower

On the second floor of Luminors Towere is a very annoying bug that occurs with v1.07/en only.  There is a locked door in the room, approaching this door an the program will crash.

This is due to a bug in one of the files AmbermoonDir/Amberfiles/2Map_texts.amb

The workaround is to backup this file (rename it to something else), and then copy the GERMAN version of this file.

German 2Map_texts.amb

The german version shows the ordinary locked door picture and hints you in rune letters to use the sphere of opening. Use the sphere as if it were a key and the door opens.

Once the door is unlocked the v1.07/en version behaves same again. You can revert to using the English file again.

Another trick that I cannot confirm works, is to use the JUMP Spell.

  • Others

1) Burnville - Untranslated German. Map labels are in German *

2) Snakesign - Untranslated German. Map labels are in German *

3) Newlake - Untranslated German. Map labels are in German *

4) LUMINOR's TOWER 3 - Typo in script. Text on the door to Valdyn. Causes parser to crash ( 2Map_texts.amb, ) *

5) BEAST's CAVE - Typo in script. Text for Skeleton. Causes parser to crash *

6) PALACE OF PELANIS - Bad German to English translated hint. 'WORRYING' should read 'CONCERNS' *

7) TEMPLE OF GALA - Typo in script. Text on crystal ball's. Causes parser to crash ( ??.amb, ) *

8) TEMPLE OF GALA - Bad German to English translated hint. '' should read 'GALA MUST STAND IN A BRIGHT GLOW' *

9) ILLIEN - riddlemouth in SE corner cannot be answered due to two "ring" in the dictionaryenglish.file one of the 'RING' replaced with 'LOST RING'. (dictionaryenglish.file) *

10) WHIRLPOOL - Missing textblock. Causes parser to crash. *

11) LYRAMION [0,0] - bug when sailing/flying near this point *

12) SAND LIZARD - Untranslated German.'SANDCHSE' should read 'SAND LIZARD' *

13) SANSRIE'S TUNNEL - SANSRIE'S KEY doesnt open tunnel door (Also affects German version) *

14) PELANIS - Typo. Several entries refer to 'PELANIS' as 'PELANI' ( 2Map_texts.amb, 1A0.amb, 1A1,amb )*

15) SANSRIES TEMPLE - mismatched textures between 2nd and 3rd and 1st and second floors ( down has stairs going up and up has stairs going down )

16) ILLIEN - Typo. 'Lendrai's Magic Weapon: open 9 AM to 7 PM' should read '9 AM to 5 PM' ( 2Map_texts.amb, 1A0.amb [22/07/01] )*

17) WINDGATES - Bitmap corruption at Gemstone (310;736) and Illien (283;250)

18) ($B4) vs ($27) - All the 'S places i.e. WITCH's HOUSE had a ($B4) instead of a ($27) hence didnt show up as "'S" ( 1-2-3Map_texts.amb, dictionaryenglish.file [12/07/01] ) *

19) LIBARY - Typo. LIBARY should read LIBRARY ( dictionaryenglish.file [12/July/01] ) *

20) MOP - Typo. "Mother-o-pearl chai" should read "MOTHER OF PEARL CHAIN" ( AM2_CPU/AM2_BLT, [11/07/01] ) *

21) "CHAMBERS OF THE HEAD PRIEST" - too long for map view. Should read "HEAD PRIEST'S CHAMBERS" ( 2Map_texts.amb, 1B0.amb [07/07/01] ) *

22) Untranslated German. Zombie Meister should read 'MASTER' ( Monster_char_data.amb, 008.amb [01/06/01] ) *

23) Burnville - House of artists now has a CR after the cartographers name ( 2Map_texts.amb, 11D.amb [03/06/01] ) *

24) Thieves' Guild shop - Typo. Open from 1PM to 8PM should read "1 AM to 8 AM" ( 2Map_texts.amb, 109.amb [3/07/01] ) *

25) Father Antonius mismatch - Father Anthony should read "FATHER ANTONIUS TAKES THE FLOWER AND THE WATER OF LIFE FROM YOU AND MIXES THEM" ( NPC_texts.amb, 002.amb [03/06/01] ) *

26) Lebab's Tower Brass - "hangs a parchment::" one too many ':' ( 1Map_texts.amb, 0B9.amb [05/07/01] ) *

All bugs with a "*" next to them have been fixed although the fix has not been tested. If you know of any other bugs please report them to us.

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