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- for example SPEAKING, SEARCHING. The lefthand bar indicates the
number of life points remaining and the righthand bar indicates the magic
spell points, i.e. the person's capacity to perform as a wizard. Special
conditions for the person are shown above the two bars, such as for
example illness, madness or blindness.

The active person can be changed with the LMB. All characters whose
condition makes activity impossible cannot be selected. Click on the
picture of the character required. The keys [1] to [6] on the numeric
 keypad also execute this function.

 Whenever the party ID is accessible with the mouse pointer the first status
page of the character can be called with the RMB. The function keys [F1]
to [F6] call the second page of the relevant character.


Items which give the party helpful information are displayed in the upper
of the two display panels, such as for example a compass or a clock.


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