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-   Enter/leave your means of transport ([4] - Horse). The active
    character enters or leaves a means of transport, for example a boat
    or a horse.

  Magic spells ([5] - Stars). If the active character has enough magic
    spell points, you can compose a magic spell.

Camping ([6] - Tent). Only outside villages and towns. Your party
    makes camp for the night.

-   Read/View/Search ([7] - Eye). The active character reads a sign,
    sees something or searches in something, and the result depends
    upon his abilities. On the 3-D display this feature always operates in
    the direction as seen by the party. On the 2-D display the cursor can
    be set to a panel around the figure. The RMB interrupts this function
    and the LMB executes it.
-   Listening ([8] - Ear). The active character listens and the result
    again depends upon his abilities.

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