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Amberstar In the Press

Atari ST User
ST Format
(41 Dec 92)

Amberstar ST Review
ST Review
(09 Jan 93)

CU Amiga Preview
ST User
(80 Oct 92)

(Mar 92)

Power Play Preview
(Feb 91)

Power Play (ST)
(Mar 92)

The One Amiga
ST Magazin
(Mar 92)

Amiga Games Preview
Amiga Action
(27 Oct 92)

Amiga Games
CU Amiga
(Dec 92)

Amiga Joker
The One
(Dec 92)

Amiga Games Preview
Amiga World
(Aug 94)

Amiga Format
(42 Jan 93)

Amiga Joker
(Nov 93)

Amiga Fun
(Dec 94)


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