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The game has probably the longest highscore table ever, with credits to almost everyone in Thalion and the ST demo Scene! Also most people have great "Sound a like" names! Richard CarCrasher (Karsmakers) and Erik Semen (Simon) heh heh !


Following the list down we go through the teams girl friends(?) and some great musicians and film directors. I wonder who Miranda was.... hmmm


I seem to remember the background was used in at least one TLB demos, usually with a cool 3D object in the foreground!


The music you are hearing now (if you have MIDI enabled browser!) was originally written by the Thalion composer and musician coder Jochen (MadMax) Hippel. It's possibly my third favourite tune this bloke did (and he did a LOT!) it was redone as a MIDI file by Oedipus.


If you have the :

ST Sound Plugin

set-up for your PC browser (IE or Nutscrape) then on the download page you will hear the REAL ST music by Jochen Hippel!

[Screen shot of the APT High Score Table]

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