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Chambers of Shaolin
[Screen Shot - Intro] "An exceptional 1-2 player Martial Arts game featuring stunning graphics with an amazing variety of oriental backdrops, sound effects and full player participation.

Learn the complex art of Kung Fu in the Temples of Shaolin in intensive training lessons that require total commitment, hard work and dedication.

Only when you have acquired the necessary skills, strength and Stamina can you defeat your opponents in combat.

But is this enough? You must test your skills in the unknown Ultimate Challenge. This is not a matter of survival. Nothing less than TOTAL VICTORY will suffice to allow you to complete CHAMBERS of SHAOLIN. Are YOU good enough?

The Chambers of Shaolin is a Martial arts combat game, similar to "Way of the Tiger" on the 8-bits, though much better. At the start of the game you must train up your characters skills and save them to a disk before you can commence into the main game, the fighting. Without doing so you will only get yourself killed!Download the ST Sound Browser Plugin! [Screen shot - Menu]

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