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Chambers of Shaolin
[Scan ST ASM review 260 KB] Gerald M. -B has again scanned in some reviews for you German readers, including ST reviews from magazines ASM and PowerPlay, an Amiga one from ASM and a C=64 (???) one!

This last review is strange as the C=64 version was never released and to my knowledge never finished! The C=64 versions were done by Mario Knezovic and Oliver Lindau

If you can read Swedish, there is also a review of CoS from Swedish Magazine XXXXX the review was scanned in by Stefan Lindberg

There is also a scan of the advert that appeared in several magazines at the time of release. The advert has Grandslam on it, I think that's because this scan came from a UK magazine and Grandslam were publishing Thalion games in the UK.Download the ST Sound Browser Plugin!

[Scan - CoS Advert - 420 K]
[Scan - ST review 137K] [Scan - Amiga review 102K] [Scan - C=64 review 84K]

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