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The game has the coolest Game Over screen's of any of the Thalion games! The music is that being played now (if you have mod plugin installed!) and the animations on the characters is great. (See the third character along. Ouch that looks like it hurts! and I wonder where that green stuff is coming from!) [Screen Shot. Game Over]
[Screen shot. High Score Table] The high score table is cool too, (I'll have to see if there is a difference between entries in the ST one and the Amiga one!) more cool parallax backgounds and greetings to all the other Thalion members.

One thing about the Amiga version of EL that sticks in my mind is the intro music, count the musical notes being played simultaneously (1,2,3,4... eh? But there are only 4 hardware channels!)

If you are wondering if this game is really as good as I make out, then take a look at some of the magazine reviews, this one is from a German ST magazine (Click for a fullsize review 130K) I will HTML, and translate all the reviews into English when I get the time. But if you cant wait use Altavista's cool translation page (You will have to type it in though!). Any German readers want to volunteer to translate the German reviews? Mail me [Scan. German Magazine Review]

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