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Ghost Battle
[Screen shot - Title picture]

Ghost Battle is one of those Thalion games I never played when it came out, I heard about it years later from someone who thought that the music in this game (By Jochen "Mad Max" Hippel) was the best he ever did.

The music is quite excellent, the game however is not quite up to the same standards, the graphics are quite excellent, and the scrolling and effects really good too... take a look.

The game starts, your girlfriend has just been captured and it's up to you to battle across landscapes picking up day.  (Just your ordinary "run of the mill" type plot for a by some Evil monster (With huge claws) weapons, solving puzzles and winning the  platform hack 'n' slash!)

[Screen shot - Titles]
[Screen shot - credits]

The game is co-developed by two relatively late comers to Thalion, Erwin Kloibhofer and Henk Nieborg. These two went on to create the classic platform game Lionheart.  The two games allow you to see how Henk's graphical skills (which were already excellent in GB) develop.

I always wondered if GB was another of those games that Thalion bought "Ready made"?

Kloibhofer & Neiborg did the Amiga version and Michael Bittner did the ST conversion with Jochen Hippel a.k.a. Mad Max creating the music for both versions. The music is excellent, each tune is so spooky and suits the level perfectly, if you have the ST Sound Plugin installed in your Browser you are listening to the title tune now. I strongly recommend you download the music from the Music Page  or Exotica and get either the UADE, Deliplayer or use EagleTracker on an Amiga/UAE or you could just play the game!Download ST Sound plugin!

As you can see the game is in a similar genre as the classic "Ghosts 'n' Goblins" (I wonder if that was the inspiration?? - Alexh) But it is fun, of the platformers that Thalion did I rate them as : 1) Lionhearted 2) Enchanted Lands 3) Jambala 4) Ghost Battle but that's just me.

[Screen shot - Level 1]

Level 1

[Screen shot - Level 2] [Screen Shot - Level 3]

Level 2

Level 3

[Screen shot - level 4] [Screen shot - Level 5]

Level 4

Level 5

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