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[Screen shot - Title]

The Seven gates of Jambala was the first game written by Atari ST demo coders TCB (otherwise known as The Care Bears).

It's a cool above average platform game, with a couple of tweaks that make it classic.

You start in a village and can go straight across the level, or as you pick up keys you can open doors and enter other sub levels. This kinda "Parallaxing" of the levels really separates it from other platformers of the same time, you have to remember Jambala pre-dates Super Mario World by several years. (I wonder if Myamoto ever played Jambala?)

[Screnn shot - Level 1]
[Screen shot - Level 1.1[

As you go through the "back levels" you pick up different spells (Weapons) and fight the usual bug creatures, open more doors, whilst jumping, running and avoiding pits. As you proceed you collect gold.

And with the gold you can buy info and stuff

[Screen shot - Level 1.7]

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