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[Scan] Amiga Power review 2 pages 370kb Lionheart is indisputably the best looking, technically excellent platform game on the Amiga, and all of the reviews back this up. The graphics all score incredibly high, as do the sounds . However there is only so much gameplay you can get in a platform game, and although I do love it, it doesn't fare as well as games such as Turrican and the wonderful SuperMetroid on the SNES.

Amiga Power rate the game highly as a MUST buy. The review is two pages and you can look at both on the left.

The CU Amiga review is a little bit smaller at only one page, but equally praising, they like all the other reviews were amazed at the animations that were wonderfully pixelled by Henk Neiborg who also worked on the Thalion game Ghost Battle. I have to agree with them, his motion is cool, climbing, falling, drowning even! But his walk is so GIRLY.

While "The One Amiga" Magazine was so impressed they did a FOUR page review. They talk about it as setting new standards. I think it did, some of which have never been equalled ever. I do hope that Henk and programmer Erwin Kloibhofer team up again and perhaps do something on the GameBoy Advance.

[Scan] CU Amiga Review 365 KBytes
[Scan] The One Amiga Magazine (4 pages each 370Kbytes)

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