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Idea: Erik Simon
Graphics: Thorsten Mutschal
Amiga Sound: Matthias Steinwachs
Atari ST Sound: Gunnar Gaubatz
Atari ST Programming: Christian Jungen
Amiga Programming: Christian Jungen
Instructions: Harald Uenzelmann
English Translation by Newspeak (UK) Limited
Test Riders: Thorsten Mutschal, Erwin Kloibhofer, Erik
Project Manager Erik Simon
Copyright (c) 1992: Thalion Software
All rights reserved

Thalion Software GmbH, Koenigstrasse 16, 4830 Guetersloh,



There it is ... Has a more beautiful racing motorcycle
ever seen the the light of day? When this machine was
built, only one rule applied: Only the best would be
good enough.

And that's exactly how it turned out. The faring
sweeps elegantly around the engine and the forks. And
that stylish line continues smoothly to the saddle. What
motorcycle fan would not love to sit just once on a
dream machine like this one and do a few fast laps
around a famous racing circuit?

Unfortunately, hoever you'll never be able to buy this
particular machine. It just isn't for sale. Only two were
ever made ... and the second one was lost. So this is
the only surviving example.

The owner? Oh, he wants to remain anonymous. But
he's donating the machine as the prize for a unique
two-part racing season. Only the best riders of all can
qualify. Six young men and woment all full of ambition



and enthusiasm, all masters of their own racing
motorcycles which tey designed and build themselves.
Every one of them has had the same objective ever
since this unique technical wonder of motorcycling
history reappeared.

The season covers 26 races, divided into two
sections. The first section covers five laps in five races
on selected race tracks. The second section then
covers ten laps on all 20 championship circuits.

They have invested an infinite amoun of patience
effort and hard work in their training as racing
motorcycle riders. Lots of money, energy and sweat
also went in, and the moment they have been
preparing for has now arrived. The final season is
starting. And by the end of this season we will know
who will be the new owner of this unique motorcycle.

There is no second prize for the runner-up and no-
one will so much as spare a thought for the other

The six young people competing for the prize come
from six different countries and have all had to endure


a long process of selection: Fabrizio Adiorno, the son
of the famous Italian industrialist; Michelle Dubois, the
well-known fashion designer from Paris; Rainer Kelphin,
a relatively unknown German engineer who owns a
superb collection of historic motorcycles; George
Stanford, the property tycoon from Wales; Ray Turner
who made an internal name for himself with his hot
rap music and Miyuki Yamamoto, the petite head of the
electronics company bearing the same name and
famouse throughout the world. In 26 races they will do
everything they can to reach, their ultimate goal ...

Everything gets under way tomorrow when the first
race begins. All the final checks on the motorcycles are complete. The medical team have cleared the two
lady riders and the four men for the season. The final
briefing is over. What is on their minds now? How will
they spend the last few hours before the start? Who
will survive the long season of 20 races? And ...

Who will win the only prize?




We guarantee that the original NO SECOND PRIZE
diskette as supplied is free from any virus. To prevent
the program being destroyed by the effects of a virus
you should always switch off the computer and all its
ancillary equipment (any second disc drive, monitor
etc.) for at least 30 seconds before loading the
program each time you use it. Only in this way can you
be sure that no virus has survived in the computer's
memory. Thalion Software GmbH cannot accept any
claims under the warranty if the program or it's data
has been destroyed or affected in whole or in part by a
virus program or the use of a virus protector or similar



To run the NO SECOND PRIZE program you need a
Commodore Amiga 500, 500 plus, 600, 1200, 2000 or
Atari ST, STE, MEGA ST, MEGA STE, or TT computer
with at least one megabyte of RAM. You also need a
blank diskette for saving your intermediate results. The
program cannot be installed onto a hard disc. The
original diskette is copy-protected. For this reason you cannot make a working copy. Please note the vireus warning on the first page of the manual.

Switch off your computer and any peripherals. Place
the program diskette in the internal drive of the
computer (on an Amiga: Drive DF0: On an Atari ST
Drive A). Then switch on the monitor and computer

The program will load and run automatically.