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Once in the race you are presented with a first person perspective viewpoint, and in the top corners of the screen you'll see both a map, which shows the position of the 6 important riders, as well as a number which refers to your current race position. There are numerous other riders that you'll overtake, but they are comparatively drab both performance and colouring and obviously can't afford the brightly coloured leathers worn by the more illustrious racers.
The control is absolutely first rate, and if you are used to using a mouse you'll soon find yourself tearing past the other racers. It's highly amusing and strongly recommended to watch someone that isn't used to using a mouse attempting to play this game, by the way. While racing the other competitors behave in a logical manner, and it's quite exhilarating chasing after them, with the steady drone of your own engine complimented by the Doppler effect produced by theirs, as you pass them by.
You'll find that you can slide past very close indeed to the other bikes, sometimes squeezing through narrow gaps without slowing down. It's beautifully intuitive, and when you do misjudge such a manoeuvre, you'll feel that it was your fault and not the program's. Everything is nicely drawn in bold and jolly colours, and there's a fair variety of objects and structures to make sightseeing more interesting.


The topography is limited to the odd bump” in the terrain, which is a bit restrictive, but the game needed to be fast and playable on a 68000 based Amiga, so this is understandable. [Saying that Geoff Crammonds "Stunt Car Racer", had unbelievable topography on it's levels - Alex H]

No Second Prize is a very nicely produced game, that demonstrates the skill and creativity of it's creators, as well as their understanding of what constitutes exciting and compulsive game play.

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