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Starting as an improvised battle to scrap worn-out gliders, it soon became the most popular sport in the human universe, even surpassing a certain ballgame.

The player is put inside an arena and is consistantly attacked by battle droids of various types and strengths.

After conquering all arenas, the player must take on the planet's champion.

Year: 2187 - 88B

A man called Mando Quant is destroyed
in battle against the reigning champion
of earth, Axaro Mey.

It took almost Two years to repair his
body and bring him back to life.

Year: 2189 - 88D

Now, Mando Quant has returned under a
New ID : Riano Bolar
Take on the role of Riano Bolar
Fight your way through the five planets.

Your goal:

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