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[Screen shot - Menu] I think Warp was Thalion's second game (Dragonflight being the first), it's a cool eight way scrolling shoot 'em-up where you fly around the landscape of a planet shooting flying aliens and bases. Intersparced with some 3D sequences between levels.
"Destroy the energy stations in this action filled shoot-em-up. At the end of each completed level you must guide your craft throughthe warp tunnel, a 3D flight sequence, to reach the next, higher level. You will need strength planning and strategy in order to find the maps, energy dumps as well as a host of other features." [Screen shot - Level 1]
[Screen Shot - Bounce Blocks] There are some cool objects on the landscapes with different abilities, creatures appear and disappear out of crators, and I particularly like the reverse blocks (in the picture to the left) which send your ship back the other way! The game is SOOO fast though... your ship can scroll whole screens in under a second and you can easily get disorientated (Which I guess is the idea!)
[Screen shot - The End] As with all the Thalion games there is an "Entro" (I wonder if they invented Endtro's?) with 'The End' floating about in 3D, the Usual highscore table has greetz to all the regular Thalion people as well as the two "cheats" for all Thalion games "rain" intro screens! (Work out which ones they are and type them after the Thalion logo has apeared! [Screen shot - Hall of Fame]
[Scan. ST Warp Review 82k] Gerald has scanned in a few German magazine reviews for you, on the left is the ST review from ASM and on the right is the Amiga review, I think from PowerPlay magazine, click on the thumbs for the full versionsDownload the ST Sound Browser Plugin! [Scan. Amiga Warp Review 33K)

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