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Wings of Death

As the dust cleared around him, Sagyr felt
something like trepidation grow on him. He was
startled when he sensed this; what had become
of the fearless sorcerer he has always been?

Nearly all light seemed to have been cut off from
its source, and his castle dining room was now
enveloped in a dark grey that almost neared
black. He felt instinctively that Xandrilia, the
Wicked Witch of the West, had now disappeared
from the spot where she had been up to the
moment that all this dust and flashes of fire had

What had she done? Had he beaten her or
scared her off, or had she done something
horrible to him that he was yet to discoverer? He
sharpened his ears, but all he could hear was a
slightly regular appearance of a quite
unintelligibly high sound that he hadn't heard
during his entire existence.

The high sounds became more regular, urging
Sagyr to halt instinctively. Before him, some of the
scarce light illuminated something that surely
seemed like nothing else but a mirror. Sagyr went



nearer.The mirror was soiled by the dust, but what
he could distinguish in the image nonetheless
made the very blood freeze in his veins.

He saw a bat - indeed, one of those black flying
things with razor sharp white teeth, enormously
large ears, effective sonar-aided hearing and an
instinctive craving for fresh red fluid out of virgin's necks.

So that was where the unintelligibly high sounds
had come from.A curse rolled off his tongue.

Why had he been so stupid as to assume that he could face Xandrilia? Since times long gone by,
she had always been jealous of his immense
wealth and sheer magical power - and she had
more than once sworn to bereave him of it. So
when she had asked admittance to his castle
earlier that morning, he had considered himself
powerful enough to withstand whatever would
happen - and he had lowered the drawbridge.
He should never have done that.

Once she got in, she had not only done some
rather aggressive interior redecorating, but she
had also changed him into a bloomin' bat.

He wondered how he could ever get back his human shape again, only to be interrupted in his thoughts by lots of unintelligibly high sounds.There
was no way he was ever going to find the right
spell in his many books - even if he could find
and open the right book, it was to be doubted if
his bad sight would help him out. And his
infeasibly effective sonar-aided hearing would
probably not help much in that department,

So there was no other choice but to find his way
back to Xandrilia and force the spell out of her -
which would be pretty tough given his current
state of power.

But, as counsel usually comes with time, he
decided to head for Xandrilia's bewitched
empire. Chances were good that he would run
into some kind of spell or another; maybe it would not change him back into his old human shape
again, but it would surely assist him to be more
powerful in the end - when he would have to
beat Xandrilia for once and for all.

His wings bore him to a door that was standing
ajar, revealing the bewitched rooms of his own
castle. His road to victory would not be easy, but
at least he had his wings.




Game overview

You are Sagyr the magician, and you have to
control him with your joystick as he flies through
seven lethal levels of bewitched battling, magical
mayhem and severe shooting that glide by under
him, collecting spells that may or may not
change him into another shape altogether.

Many fiendish creatures will try to destroy you,
seeking to foil your plans: Beating the Wicked
Witch of the West for ever, and finding a spell that will change Sagyr back into his human shape.

"Wings of Death" is the utter challenge for those
among you who can shoot fast and furious or for those that simply love to shoot everything that
moves (or that doesn't move, actually).

There are no friendly beings in the hostility of
Xandrilia's Evil Empire - not even vaguely friendly ones.



Loading Instructions


Please insert the write-protected disk A in drive A, and switch on the drive and computer. The
program will load automatically. Follow the
requests given by the program. Don't remove any of the disks when such is not requested!

Press 'S' during the title picture to skip the game
intro. This intro will only appear when using a
double-sided disk drive.


Please insert the write-protected disk A in DF0:,
and switch on the computer. The program will load automatically. Follow the requests given by
the program. Don't remove any of the disks when such is not requested!

Press 'S' during the title picture to skip the game intro.




General Remarks

To prevent a possible virus infection, which will
prevent this software from working properly,
please keep disk A write-protected AT ALL TIMES!
It is advised to make a backup of program disk B,
which can be done using any copy program

Game Instructions

The Menu

In the main menu, there will be the following options:


This, as you may not find hard to guess, starts a new game.


This continues an old game (should there already
be one) at the start of the level where you died
for the last time. The 'x' represents the number of
credits left.



Atari ST only. See further explanation.


Allows you to specify whether you want to hear
sound effects, normal music or music with
additional digital speech during the game


Allows you to look at the list of the ten best players.

Some rather uninteresting information concerning the program and those who made it.

The menu selections can be made by using the
cursor up/down keys or the joystick. The return key or fire button select.

The program has a default setting of 60 Hz (since this results in better quality and faster game ), and some monitors and televisions cannot display this; you have problems with this (screen runs up or down),try to fix this by adjusting the hold on your monitor