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[Screen Shot of Level 2] This is level 2 and now I am using Circle Blast, here my character is also small, but this is a bit of a poxy weapon I think! This weapon has possibly the best animated character which is a small bat.

The book that came with the Manual has a cool cover (I will scan it in as soon as I get the chance) it's by Michael Hellmich (He did quite a few covers!) I wonder who has the original painting now (Marc Rosocha no doubt?) There is a little novel by Richard Karsmakers. The booklet is a little bit poor (There are some bits where it says **** INSERT PICTURE HERE *****) but some of the drawings by Hellmich are excellent!

The paragraph below is off the back of the box.

"Wings of death is the latest sensation in shoot-'em-up action: Seven Levels of Death-defying action. Five totally different weapon systems. Additional bolt-on weaponry (Hunter, Destroyer, Sheild, Autofire, etc.) Fifteen bonus types. Chunky animated end monsters. Extensive end sequence (Which I have never seen! - Alex) Over 1 megabyte of Graphics. Smooth scrolling. Optimal use of any blitter. Intelligent use of any memory capacity upto 4 Mb.

Upto 95 objects on the screen simultaneously. Upto 512 colous on the screen in the title screen/menus. Speech Synthesis. Digitised sound effects. Optimal use of STe hardware. Support for centronics D/A Converters (ST only). One Megabyte of sampled sound. Storable highscore table.

Thalion. What more could you want?"

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