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          Name : Jurie Horneman Alias : Relayer
DoB : 25/05/1971

Marital Status : SINGLE

Last Known whereabouts :
Producer at JoWooD Productions Vienna

Associated Organisation :
Quartermass Experiment

Known Associates: Richard Karsmakers
Convictions :

Amberstar - Atari ST programming,Novel
Lionheart - Novel
Ambermoon - programming
  Interview Notes:

Alex :

I was playing Ambermoon the other day and IT accused
me of Cheating!
Jurie: You probably used a riddle mouth password, without
learning about it.
Alex : Yeah, I was supposed to trade a broach for a password
I did it, then re-loaded so I had both. A voice then
accused me of cheating!
Jurie : There are quite a few easter eggs in Amberstar and
Ambermoon, but you will have to try a bit harder
before I tell you them.