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Thalion's cool follow-up to Dragonflight, AmberStar is an excellent RPG. Set in the world of Lyramion, you control a party of up to six characters including animals!

Amberstar is part one of the never completed Amber Trilogy. The magical Amberstar is a talisman, used a millennia ago to banish evil demon lord; Lord Tarbos to the third moon of Lyramion.

Split into thirteen pieces and scattered throughout the land, your quest is to reunite the Amberstar and defeat the returning danger

[Scan of Game Box Front cover - 228k]

Throughout the Land you will meet people with different skills, convince them to join your party. Develop these skills through one of the many guilds. Battle with orks, giant rats, skeletons etc. with turn based interface. Cast spells, use magical items, find treasure, solve the excellent puzzles. "Your intellect and ability will be tested to the full in your quest for the fabled AmberStar."

[Screen shot of the start]

You start, following the funeral of your parents. The only thing you have is what they have left you. The adventure is split between a top down view (Right) and 3D dungeons (Below).

The control system is via both the keys and the mouse and easy to get the hang of. The landscapes and cities a graphically excellent.

As you move into the city of Twin Lake, there buildings to explore, merchants to trade with and adventures to start. Your parents used to live here, does that key in your pocket fit one of the houses here?? As you move around the city and dungeons, a cool automap feature records your progress, and helps you find the treasures.

[Screen Shot of an isometric section]
[Screen shot of a 3D Section of TwinLake]

The 3D sections are a classic 90 degree dungeon system. The control system has a couple of cool features such as turn around. There are notices and objects on walls you can examine, doors that are open, and others that are locked. Most cities are safe, the people you meet are friendly, and willing to talk and give clues about an adventure or two you can try. Some of the characters you will meet may not speak your native language.

In these situations you must either have a translator in your team or find someone willing to teach you (almost certainly at a price!)

There are people on the streets, and in the buildings that you can talk to. Say hello, ask for help, money weapons, and as you talk you learn more words which are stored in your dictionary. When you look at people you can see their age and class. If they are any good you may want to ask them to join your party which you can do (if they are willing) with a button on your panel. You can offer them items, money, food. Through the menu system you can trade items, look at objects, move items between party members etc.

[Screen shot of the user interface]

As usual with RPG's you have learn how to use some weapons and magical items. The panel also shows the name of the people. Names are not automatically added to your dictionary but can be very useful (I wonder what this guy's girlfriend is called??)

[Screen shot of a locked door]

Not all of the places are accessible immediately, but the game is very non-linear. You can do one section first and gain experience. Or wander around and find some team members to help you and make that section easier. Certain dungeons seem to have doors that are cannot be opened, locks you cant pick.. "I'm sure I found a crowbar earlier. Now where did I put it??"

[Screen shot of the lock interface]

When you find a locked door you can try a key or lock pick. If you are skilled enough you can even pick the lock manually. Watch out for traps though! "I wonder if this is the key for this lock... does it fit?? Excellent! Loads of cash... I bet I can't use that Armour yet !"

 Excellent! Loads of cash... D'oh! I bet I can't use that Armour yet !"

[Screen shot of a Treasure Chest]

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