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Ambermoon Box Front Cover

All the Thalion games came in cool box's and AmbermoonTM is no exception. The cover artwork was done by the same artist as the cover to Amberstar, Dieter Rottermund

The original paintings are now owned (and loved) by the creator of the Amber series Karsten Koeper The English version never had a box (Or did it??) but here are scans of the front and back covers of the German version.

Ambermoon Box Back cover
Ambermoon Map

AmbermoonTM, like Amberstar, came with a REAL treasure map, made out of some form of parchment. It is very necessary for getting round the world of Lyramion, click on the map to the left for a High res version (!BEWARE 3.5 MB!)

Also like Amberstar, there are there are ancient markings on certain objects. Runes, the ancient tongue of Lyramion. Included with both games is a table to convert into Terran letters! I've included a scan of the original Runes (192k) document, and an ASCII Rune Table conversion.

Screen Shot of Runes

Although there was never an ST version of this game, apparently work started on the ST before any other format. 

Coder Michael Bittner had a small 3D engine working on the ST even before Amberstar was finished. 

But unfortunately due to the demise of Atari Corp. the ST version was put on hold and the Amiga version completed. One of the Thalion Webshrine visitors found this article on the ST version of Ambermoon, in "Atari ST USER magazine, November 1993, Issue 93, p75" 

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