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 Amberstar Page 2
[Screen shot, Rafting] As you travel about Lyramion, you'll find different forms of transport, foot, horse, raft (Left), ship and even the Wind gates, but to find out how to what they are... play the game! When using the raft you can find some special areas, islets that may have a dungeon you were looking for, a special guild, perhaps even Johnathans secret Laboratory? Could that island over there be a castle with a nesting Dragon??!
Bundled with the game was an excellent Novella written by Jurie Horneman, a captivating read about how Lord Tarbos went from a hopeful prodegy to an evil demon. How he was banished using the Amberstar and how Marmion intends to free him! Also in the box is a cool map. On parchment style paper and in a treasure map style, this map is an essential for navigation between towns and around the coastline. Click on the Map to the right to get a high resolution version (1.4MB). [Amberstar's Map]
[Screen shot, Runes] As well as a map is a rune table, it's an alphabet of the writings of Laramion. With this you'll be able to decipher writings you will find around the land such as those to the left. A scanned version of the original rune table is here. (192kb)

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