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 Amberstar Page 2
If you won't take my word for it, take a look at these magazine reviews, the one on the right if from  German magazine "PowerPlay" kindly scanned in by Gerald M. -B They give the ST version 85% which is quite good when you consider that RPG's do not appeal to everyone, also that they probably had to disk swap quite a bit (Did you ever have 2 drives on your ST?) From the screenshots it looks like they played it quite far (Or were given a game save!) Click on the picture to get a readable size JPG (397k) [Scan of PowerPlay Amberstar review]
[Amiga Format review] If you can't read German very well here are two English reviews. I think Amiga owners were more likely to have a Hard Disk than ST owners and I think that disk swapping wasn't so much a problem. 

As you can see both the AF and the ST-Gamer reviewers didn't get very far (Still in and around Twin Lake!) 

[Scan STGamer review - 407 KB]
[PowerPlay review] <- Left

Power Play also did a  preview of Amberstar, here creator Karsten Koeper is demonstrating the ST version. Notice the screen shots are of either the map (2D) editor and the labyrinth (3D) editor. There are rumors that the team left these editors on the disks but I doubt it. I wonder if they are sitting somewhere on someone's hard disk under the bed or something! I realize that Thalion was a German company but I wish that UK magazines would have had previews of this type. Full size picture is 269K.

Karsten has a strange setup there... it's a (physically) HUGE Atari ST hard disk.

Right ->

A  review of the Amiga version of Amberstar. Hmm seems to be in Illien!

[Scan of a German Amberstar Review]