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The screen is divided into five sections:  The party ID is at the top edge,
the  graphics  window  to the left below it, the display panels for special
items  and  magic  spells  are at the right and the monitor panel is at the
bottom right.

You  control the game with the mouse or the numeric keypad on the
keyboard. In the manual the two mouse buttons are abbreviated to LMB
for the Left Mouse Button and RMB for the Right Mouse Button. The
numeric keys [1] to [9] correspond to the functions of the monitor panel
which can also be selected with the mouse.


For  each of the six characters in your party the party ID (identification)
has a picture with two bars and a special display to its right. The name of
the person appears below the picture. If the name is displayed in bright
letters, the person is active. The active character executes all the actions


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