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[Screen Shot of the Title Picture] APT is a cool little puzzle platform game. Written by the legendary Atari ST Demo crewTLB(The Lost Boys) the game has some great graphics and effects and very compelling gameplay (I gotta get to the next level, I wonder what they were thinking when they designed this level layout. D'oh killed again!)
The game is a classic platform layout, with levels and ladders (and looks quite similar to Chucky Egg!). The idea is to collect all the dinosaur eggs scattered about the level to the teleport (That wiggly thing the main character is standing between in the pic on the left). Sounds simple don't it? But you can only carry 3 eggs at a time, and when you return them to the teleport, it then moves to another random location! [Screen Shot]
[Screen Shot] Also if you leave the eggs too long they hatch into killer (albeit baby) dino dudes. You can stamp on them in the classic platform style, or jump over them which incarcerates them in cages. You can leave the level at any time through the teleport but if there are any remaining eggs then you loose a life. Some eggs are hidden behind the scenery, so you have to explore everywhere to find them.

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