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Atomix is one of Thalion's puzzle games (There was also Tangram, Magic Lines and Neuronics), developed by Guenter Kraemer & Rolf Steffens a.k.a. SoftTouch the purpose of the game is to make up the molecule displayed in the bottom left hand corner of the screen from the pieces scattered throughout the level, easy? Well you can only move them up, down, left and right and the don't stop moving until they hit something! Not only can you move the Atoms, but you can also move the blocks to positions so that they will block atoms you are trying to move and align them with others.
This screen shot is of a simple level, but as the molecules get more an more complex there are less and less alternate routes to success. Eventually there is only one or two different orders to which you can move the blocks, and watch out you only have a set amount of time to think about it!

Atomix is one of only two C=64 games that Thalion ever released (They had others in development but they got canned) the other being Neuronics.Please download the ST Sound Browser Plugin!

The idea behind Atomix was a software team called "SoftTouch", who still own the rights, they published "Atomix95" and "Atomix II" as shareware / demos.

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