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[Screen shot - Intro]

This is another of the Thalion Puzzle games, and possibly the weirdest. You have a series of tiles with matching symbols and the idea is to move two matching symbols next to each other at 90' (above, below, left or right) and these pieces with then disappear. You move the tiles by swapping them with adjacent tiles.
                  Seems simple eh??

Well when you match two tiles the disappear, and leave a gap. You cannot move tiles across these gaps, and so if you leave an unmatched tile, isolated then you have lost. (You can't move the matching tile adjacent to it!)

It's a fun little game that gets insanely difficult very fast!

The graphics were done by Thorsten Mutschall (Gogo of TCB) who in 1999 was still working with Erik 'ES' Simon at Blue Byte (Note: By 2003 Erik Simon is working at JoWood). As should come as no surprise Michael Bittner had a hand in the programming (he seems to be the only coder to have played with all the main Thalion titles to some extent!) but the main coding was done by a freelancer Gerald Borchert

The Amiga music was done by Matthias Steinwachs (the excellent musician who succeeded Mad Max and did some excellent pieces, such as the Amiga No Second Prize (Big Alec did the ST version) and Ambermoon)

[Screen shot level 1]
This is the second of the C=64 games that Thalion did, coded by Mario Knezovic, and I think Oliver Lindau did the GFX, he did them for the "unreleased-Never-Finished" C=64 versions of Lethal Xcess and Chambers of Shaolin!

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