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Dragonflight was planned to be the first game released under the Thalion label. But delays and the Thalion team wanting the game to be perfect meant Dragonflight was delayed time and time again. ( Chambers of Shaolin became the first Thalion game).

Dragonflight was a RPG adventure of almost unheard of depth and complexity for a computer game.

The  graphics  on  this  intro  screen when compared to other early Amiga/ST games show how good Eric Simon could make 16 colours look. However compared to some of his later work in 16 colours, it  shows how all the Thalion  artists including  Erik, improved over the years.

In later games such as Amberstar the artists use dithering to give the illusion of more than 16-colours. Title screens start to use Spectrum512 pictures showing off the artists talents..

Below are some screenshots of the credits, I'm not sure who was working on which versions.Download the ST Sound Browser Plugin!

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