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  • The Superbike Racing Simulation for Amiga and Atari ST
  • Incredibly Fast Polygon Graphics by Christian Jungen
  • 20 International Racetracks, all the data you need at your fingertips, plus realistic 3-D trackside objects.
  • 6 totally different racers, each with their own individual abilities and unique racing bikes.
  • Training modes: alone on one ofthe tracks, one-on-one with a chosen rider, or you against all the other riders.
  • A 20 Race Season against five other competitors, with a unique prize for winner.
  • Beware of the chicanes and amateur riders who obstruct you on your lightning fast laps
  • Use the Mouse-Controlled Progressive Steering Mechanism to control your machine with urivaled precision.
  • So that you can relive the exciting moments of the race, it's covered by 4 cameras, one of which is mounted on a Helicopter and monitros the leader.
  • NO SECOND PRIZE - The ultimate challenge for all fans of Winning, Motorbikes and Racing.

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No Second Prize is a 3D based motorcycle racing game, and is to Super Hang-on what Star Crusader is to Wing Commander. Now, bear with me on this; while Super Hang-on and No Second Prize are providing you with a very similar type of game, one uses the traditional technique of scaled sprites,  the other, No Second Prize, uses a fast 3D polygon system in it`s approach. Now, personally, as much as I like Super Hang-on, and it is a classic game, I`ve always liked the sensation of actually being there amongst the various objects, produced by a good polygon system. And this is a good polygon system.
The game itself has plenty of options and allows you to practice or go straight into a championship, that decided, there is a range of characters from all over the world that you can choose from.
Each have their own attributes regarding speed and cornering ability etc, and it probably makes sense initially to go for a good all rounder. Further options include with or without gears, as well as mouse sensitivity, and you really want to get this one right, because ultimately, being successful in the game is all down to control

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