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Christian Jungen
Christian Jungen (sometimes called "Ricolah", especially by Jochen, after a brand of Swiss candy). Probably one of the coolest guys at Thalion.

"No Second Prize" was started somewhere in early 1990, back then it was not a racing game, and then it was a racing game, and then it wasn't…the whole concept has been thrown around a few times until, around the time when I was going away, it got its final form of a racing game.

Celal Kandemiroglu did the box graphics, the guy doing the handless wheely (which looks cool but is impossible to do). Like I already hinted at before, we had two graphics artists. Celal (of Turkish origin) was expensive and got to do the "big" games ("Dragonflight", "No Second Prize", his style is unmistakable I guess you could pick his work out).

Another guy, a German whose name I have forgotten but who Erik probably still knows, (Michael Helmich)did the "lesser" games ("APT", "Enchanted Land", "Atomix", a lot more).

Christian is Swiss, and he spent most of 1990 just coding the 3d engine for what eventually become "No Second Prize". His routines were awefully fast, but still he occasionally came to us exclaimed that his routines had yet again doubled in speed! "vectors, vectors, with speed guaranteed", that's what it became a vocal in the Bittner Rap song on the Jochen Hippel CD "Give it a try".


Alex: "Thalion was about 10 years ago :^>, how old were you in 1990 ?"   Alex: What format was it packed in? An ST packer or Amiga?
Chris: "24, People say, I haven't changed much since then!" Chris: Turbo-Packer TPWM, as I remember
Alex: "Vectors and Vectors with speed guaranteed!" Alex: I've got a MS-DOS decruncher for that format
Chris: "Heh heh" Chris: Hey, it seams to work, great!!!
Alex: "For it's time NSP was fast on a basic 8Mhz 68k, how did you do it?" Chris: There are a small number of sourcecode, I don't want to publish because I still use it and I want to keep it secret; but 99% is ok
Chris: I have the source code of NSP, but it's in a packed format and I can't find the decompressor anymore ;-(